Following on from the most recent study in the series which explores savers’ retirement planning and spending habits after the introduction of pensions freedoms in 2015, this follow-on report looks at the seven personalities in more detail.

The ‘New Choices, Big Decisions’ series explores the evolution of consumer decision making and behaviours under Pension Freedoms – as well as its impact on retirement planning and spending habits. In this latest report, we assess how our brave pension pioneers have been getting on in the five years since new freedoms changed the way people think about their pension money.

The respondents in our research had their own unique priorities, beliefs and preferences, but common themes and traits were also evident across these groups. We revisited seven pension personalities, from the Procrastinating Petes and Paulas, who were overwhelmed by the task at hand, to the I can Do Better Colins and Clares, who’d lost all faith in pensions and would rather have the money in their control.

Five years on, they’re no better informed about the risks they face if they don’t want to buy an annuity. They’ve not been using the time to build the skills needed to make good decisions, nor are they seeking appropriate support. There’s a range of behavioural biases at play which have resulted in them sleepwalking into full retirement with very limited financial plans.

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