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We’re making an announcement soon and you’ll be hearing more from us to confirm when we’ve changed our name.

This exciting news coincides with our 80th anniversary, looking back and celebrating our rich heritage. Changing our name to People’s Partnership aligns with the next steps in our journey.

We’re here to provide products and support that help people build financial foundations for life. That’s why we want a name that best describes us as a business that puts people at the heart of what we do.  

Today, we have a range of straightforward financial products, including a leading workplace pension scheme, The People’s Pension.  Currently, 1 in 5 of the UK workforce, age 22+, with a workplace pension are customers, making it one of the biggest schemes of its type in the country.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Heath-Lay explained the new name by saying: “We now provide a pension to people working in every sector, and so our new name, People’s Partnership, makes perfect sense because it reflects the way we serve our customers and the market. We were built on a social mandate for the greater good, and we’ve long thought of ourselves as the people’s partner.”

As a business without shareholders, we reinvest our profits to help customers and achieve better financial outcomes for everyone. We’re committed to developing and improving our business for more than 6 million customers who invest with us.

Will the B&CE name disappear completely?

Our roots are construction based, so we’ll continue to offer some employee benefit products to that industry sector under the existing B&CE name, as well as The Charitable Trust.1

We’ve always been the people’s partner and always will be

1 Products under the B&CE name include Lump Sum Retirement Benefit (closed to new customers), Employee Life Cover and Employee Accident Cover. The Charitable Trust offers training grants to individuals and donates to organisations passionate about health and safety or occupational health in the construction industry.