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2022 is a big year for us. We’re celebrating 80 years of creating simple, financial products, that started in the construction industry. And now, we’ve changed our name, to People’s Partnership.  

Throughout those 80 years, people have been at the heart of everything we do, and that’s why our new name, People’s Partnership, better defines us as a different financial services business. As a business without shareholders, we reinvest our profits to help customers and achieve better financial outcomes for everyone.

We’re thrilled about our new name – but it is just the name that changes – not the company.

People’s Partnership will be the provider of The People’s Pension, helping over 6 million people build up their pension savings.

Our Chief Executive Officer, Patrick Heath-Lay says: “During 10 years of The People’s Pension, we’ve grown into a leading provider of workplace pensions and, as People’s Partnership, we will continue to develop and grow for the benefit of our customers, who have always been at the heart of what we do.

“As People’s Partnership, our mission will remain the same – We’ll use our profits to provide straightforward, accessible, trusted products and support that help people become financially stronger.”

Watch a brief video that maps our remarkable history, through to becoming People’s Partnership.

Will the B&CE name disappear completely?

Our roots are construction based, so we’ll continue to offer some employee benefit products to that industry sector under the existing B&CE name, as well as The Charitable Trust.1

Are you a member of The People’s Pension?

If you’re a member of The People’s Pension, you may still see materials referring to B&CE, while we gradually change over to People’s Partnership. But you will hear our new name the next time you call us.

If you haven’t activated your Online Account, why not do it today?  It’s a very simple way to manage all your pension savings in one place. 

We’ve always been the people’s partner and always will be

1 Products under the B&CE name include Lump Sum Retirement Benefit (closed to new customers), Employee Life Cover and Employee Accident Cover. The Charitable Trust offers training grants to individuals and donates to organisations passionate about health and safety or occupational health in the construction industry.