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When it comes to pensions, we know what many people might be thinking – ‘we don’t need to worry about our pension’ or ‘the State Pension will be there for me when I retire’. But the truth is, this isn’t always the case. Our Recorded Online Update could help your employees or employer clients get their heads around these often-misunderstood subjects.

Encourage your employees or clients to get involved

Our update aims to answer the pension questions that really matter to your employees or employer clients. So why not share it with them?

Simply download the email template in our communications toolkit.

Giving our members a voice

Why did we record this update? Well, we wanted to give our members the chance to ask questions and hear directly from those who look after their pension savings. Our experts highlight some key topics for them to consider, so we can try to improve their life in retirement and showcase the importance of saving into a workplace pension with The People’s Pension.

Our video is split into sections, so you can watch it all in one go or by topic. Based on the questions asked by our members, the update covers topics including:

  • Consolidation – combining pensions
  • Responsible investment
  • Protecting your pension

Don’t miss out – watch our Recorded Online Update video.


This article was written when we were B&CE, before we changed our name to People’s Partnership in November 2022.