Pensions Dashboard has real potential to revolutionise retirement – comment from The People’s Pension

Responding to reports that Esther McVey is planning to “kill off” the Pensions Dashboard, Andy Tarrant, Head of Policy at The People’s Pension, said:

“At a time when 14 million people are at risk of not having enough to live on when they retire, it’s astonishing that an initiative aimed at helping millions of people to live comfortably in retirement, could be seen as a distraction by government.

“The government should be doing everything possible to help people plan ahead. With one in five people across the UK having lost track of a pension, the dashboard will help ensure people keep track of all their savings, have all the information needed to make the important decisions about their financial future, and will allow them to watch all their retirement savings grow and compound over time, helping them to understand what their retirement might look like.

“More than seven in ten people 1 have told The People’s Pension that they want to be able to see all of their pensions in one place. The dashboard has real potential to revolutionise retirement planning for millions of people across the UK and we urge the government not to u-turn on their previously strong support for the initiative.”