The People’s Pension welcomes reappointment of work and pensions minister

Commenting on the reappointment of Guy Opperman as work and pensions minister, Gregg McClymont, director of policy for The People’s Pension and former shadow pensions minister, said:

“It’s good news that Guy Opperman has been re-appointed. A revolving door of Pensions ministers would hurt policy stability, and Guy’s enthusiasm and commitment is refreshing.

“Auto-enrolment is a great success so far. It retains the support of UK business, trade unions and the pensions industry – the consensus supporting workplace pension saving remains strong. But there is more to do to build on auto-enrolment’s early promise and make sure it reaches its full potential.

“Lowering the age limit for auto-enrolment to 18; calculating people’s pension contributions from the first pound they earn; and lowering the amount someone needs to earn to be eligible for an auto-enrolment pension, could put almost £4bn more into savers’ pension pots.

“We also believe that the minister must lead the way in working to close the gap between the pensions of women and men and provide a timeline for the implementation of the pensions dashboard to ensure workers have their full pensions picture when they’re planning for their future.”