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Payroll integration keeps you connected with your pension provider and allows you to submit your pension employee data in real time with one simple click. Find out why more employers and payroll professionals than ever before are utilising this time and cost-efficient solution.

Since its introduction in 2012, auto enrolment has been a great success at getting more people paying into a personal pension, but it’s also changed the way payroll professionals operate. Pensions are now an integral part of running payroll – you can’t complete payroll without pension processing, and without the right tools, it can be difficult to keep up with the time-sensitive reporting schedule and make sure all your I’s are dotted and your T’s are crossed.

Making it easier for you to stay on top of your pension responsibilities

At The People’s Pension, one of our core values is creating simplicity, and one of the ways we keep things simple is by offering payroll integration to our employer customers. It’s an integrated service that connects your payroll directly to your pension provider, with the aim of improving the accuracy and efficiency of your pension reporting. Unlike us, not all pension providers offer this, and as one of the largest master trust workplace pensions in the UK, with no monthly administration charges, we’re an ideal solution for customers interested in using payroll integration.

A digital solution that keeps you connected

It makes sending pension information easier, similar to the RTI (real-time information) submissions you send to HM Revenue and Customs. It gets rid of the fiddly processes of keying in data, completing spreadsheets, and correcting errors. Instead, pension data is sent over at once with a single click from within your payroll software.

In the age of ‘the Internet of Everything’ where all our digital devices are interconnected, pension-payroll integration seems like a no-brainer. Just like HMRC making tax digital – where the aim is to increase accuracy, reduce paperwork, and make the tax system simpler and more efficient – payroll integration provides similar benefits, meaning less stress and worry for you when it comes to keeping up with your workplace pension responsibilities. 

We know from talking to employers that it can be tough to keep up with all their pension requirements, especially if they have to submit everything manually. That’s when the errors creep in, and what should be a simple job becomes complex and costs more time and money as a result. Integrating your payroll with us can help you remove the hassle of costly manual mistakes and streamline your pension reporting. It means you can automate repetitive tasks so your staff can focus on running your business.

Get connected, whatever your payroll software

We also make it simple to integrate with us as we partner with leading payroll software providers, making sending data even easier. And we also provide the necessary resources to our payroll software partners, enabling them to build the functionality you need to manage your pension effectively. You can find out which payroll software providers we work with here.

Join the many employers already using payroll integration

Based on the latest statistics, the appetite for payroll integration is growing. Since April 2022, we’ve recorded more than a 30% increase in the uptake of our customers switching to using payroll integration. So, if you’re struggling with manual inputs and keeping your pension data up-to-date and accurate, payroll integration might be the solution you’re looking for. To join the employers already reaping the benefits of payroll integration or to find out more, take a look at our payroll integration webpage.