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Thanks to auto-enrolment, millions are now saving toward their futures but since its introduction in 2012, pensions have become a much bigger addition to payroll professionals’, already very full, plates.

At The People’s Pension, we’re passionate about making pension data submissions simple. The solution? Payroll integration. It’s an integrated service that connects your payroll directly to your pension provider (of course, we hope you’re using The People’s Pension). It makes sending pension information much like the RTI (real time information) submissions you send to HM Revenue and Customs. It gets rid of the fiddly processes of keying in data, completing spreadsheets and correcting errors. Instead, data is sent over all at once, with a single click.

It’s not something every pension provider offers, but we do. We’re one of the largest master trust workplace pensions in the UK, with no monthly administration charges, which makes us an excellent choice for those looking to use payroll integration.

Hungry for change?

Employers and payroll professionals, big and small, are now saving time with payroll integration. In 2021 alone, submissions to us using payroll integration increased by 37% and we expect this to continue to grow throughout 2022.

We work with some of the leading payroll software providers, seamlessly connecting with them so that businesses can simply and securely manage their workplace pensions with us. Take a look at who’s already with us.

Help is on hand

If your payroll isn’t connected with us and developing an integration is too costly or time consuming for your payroll provider, there are other options available. Third party providers, like PensionSync, can connect your payroll software to your pension provider allowing you to take advantage of the benefits of payroll integration immediately.

Taking action at Accountex

Last week, we attended Accountex, Europe’s definitive accounting event, to spread the word about payroll integration and to find out what people using it thought about it.

We asked – ‘Is payroll integration important to you?’.

A staggering 100% said ‘yes’, emphatically telling us that the manual way of submitting pensions data is not fit for purpose. This makes us determined to get payroll integration into the hands of as many employers and payroll professionals as possible.

While we’re already linked up with many of the industry’s leading payroll providers, we’re not connected with everyone… yet. Discover who we’re partnered with on our new payroll integration webpage. Don’t see your provider? No worries, we’ll let you know how to get the ball rolling, we’ll even help you out if you give us a few details.


This article was written when we were B&CE, before we changed our name to People’s Partnership in November 2022.