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Keeping the UK paid. That’s what payroll professionals do. They’re vital to our economy and managing workplace pension data so the nation can save for later life. It’s only right then that there’s a specific week each year that celebrates payroll professionals. It’s a bit of a shout out – and well deserved too.

This year National Payroll Week runs from 6-10 September. And so, we’re running a webinar on Wednesday 8 September. It’s our way of saying thank you – we’ll be talking about how we believe payroll professionals can make their lives a little more plain sailing when it comes to workplace pensions.

Our webinar – make payroll integration work for you

We’re committed to making workplace pensions as simple to manage as possible. That’s why we work together with some of the leading software providers and other integration partners, like PensionSync, to offer a quick and easy way to manage employees’ pensions – like ‘send data at the push of a button’ kind of easy.

Our upcoming webinar on Wednesday 8 September, with PensionSync, will explore how payroll professionals can automate the process of sending data to The People’s Pension through an integrated service. If you join, you’ll hear from me, as well as Dan Donovan – Head of Customer Experience at PensionSync.

We’ll cover things like:

  • The benefits of using our payroll integration solution with PensionSync
  • The increased efficiencies that come with successful payroll integration
  • A demo from PensionSync, including their latest features and updates on bulk payroll-to-pension processing


Why send your payroll at the push of a button?

Payroll software is a key consideration when choosing a pension scheme – it needs to work with your pension scheme and it must be able to carry out all auto-enrolment tasks. The Pensions Regulator has made that very clear on their webpage about considerations when choosing a pension scheme. But for those who use file upload, submitting workplace pension data is more complicated than it needs to be…

Manual processes can be clunky, time-consuming and involve several steps before getting from A to B. Payroll integration cuts out the steps – with a button – thereby simplifying the process.

What’s in it for you:

  1. Say goodbye to manual processes – with integration you send and retrieve your data at the push of a button.
  2. No human error – by managing data submissions, from within payroll, you can reduce those unexpected errors.
  3. Quick and seamless – transfer pension data faster and securely.
  4. Increased efficiencies – it’s a smoother process all round, improving your data handling, saving money and time for you (and your business).

At The People’s Pension, we’re dedicated to helping you manage your pension data quickly and efficiently. Hear from one of our clients – Alex Fleet, Director at Abco Payroll, on how integration has transformed how they process pension data:

“By setting clients up for automated collection of contributions we are able to do all the scheme administration from within our payroll software rather than manually in each client scheme on The People’s Pension portal.

Integration has literally transformed how we process pension data. We save days every month.”

What next?

Visit our payroll webpages to find out if we can speed up your payroll processes and connect with your payroll software provider.

And don’t forget to register for our webinar, ‘Make payroll integration work for you’.


This article was written when we were B&CE, before we changed our name to People’s Partnership in November 2022.